Why TV Screen Protectors Are More Tempting Than A Cinnabon

I’m going to give you a choice. There are two tables on each side of one and you can choose the contents of just one. Table A has a TV screen protector that’s worth about $300. Table B has $300 worth of Cinnabon cinnamon buns. You’re probably salivating and anxious to tear into those cinnamon buns, but let me tell you a few things before you make that decision. Let’s hope that, by the end of my little rant, that you wisely choose the right table.

TVs are Expensive I know you don’t want to think of the future with cinnamon buns around, but now is the time to consider how expensive a TV is. Your average TV costs at least $600, but you can probably expect to pay closer to $1,000+ for a good one. Do you know what happens when your TV breaks? That’s right, you have to spend a lot of money getting a new one. If you want an insurance plan that covers your TV without a monthly premium, then a protector is the best thing (besides, you can use the $300+ that you saved to buy more cinnamon buns). Tiny Invaders Dust is the enemy to TV screens, just like free radicals are the enemy to the human body. Just a few well-placed particles of dust can ruin your TV forever.

They’ll cause a scratch that will constantly be annoying to look at. You can dodge your head quickly left and right, but you’ll still see that scratch staring you in the face. Want to avoid scratches and other blemishes that can ruin your viewing experience? You already know the answer: pick Table A. Besides, those cinnamon buns are going to introduce free radicals (along with fat, carbs, sugar, chemicals and a ton of other things) that’ll just make you feel terrible tomorrow. In case you want to check some cool TV streaming devices, Power Moves is the best place to check it out. 

That is, if you don’t need your stomach pumped after so much bread and cinnamon, in which case you’ll feel terrible for a week. Durability What would happen if I threw a six-ounce bowling ball at Table B? The cinnamon buns would splatter everywhere and we’d both be covered in cinnamon (be sure to have your phone out to record the carnage). What would happen if I did the same thing to Table A? The ball would harmlessly bounce off and the protector would be fine. Don’t you want that same type of durability for your TV? A standard TV can hardly take a slow-moving object without shattering, much less a light bowling ball.

Lasts for Years Lastly, how long is Table B going to last? If you eat it by yourself, then probably a week or two, even less with friends and family. How long is the TV screen protector going to last? You might wanna check TV screen protector reviews. You could even use it with your next TV if it’s roughly the same size. Conclusion Sure, you could choose Table B, but I hope you’re smart enough to choose Table A now that you know just how important a TV screen protector can be. The choice is always yours, but make sure that you think ahead and ensure that you’re doing the right thing.